Bloch Pointe Tape BLOCH toe tape

    Bloch Pointe Tape


    A new introduction into the Bloch Pointe Shoe Accessories line, Pointe Tape protects and cushions toes, allowing complete freedom of movement. 

    The Elastic Micro-Foam Tape is cushioned and can be wrapped around toe wounds to guard against further injury and prevent chafing that causes blisters. Because it's soft and lightweight you can wrap the tape around individual toes whilst maintaining complete freedom of movement. Pointe Tape can be used on any desired area of the foot or toes. 

    The tape is 1" x 5.5 yards/ 2.5cm x 5 meters and comes on a roll which tears off with ease. It is easy to apply and remove and leaves no sticky residue.
    *If you are prone to sensitive skin, we recommend a small patch test 24 hours before intended wear. 

    Material - 100% PVC foam tape with acrylic glue (latex free)