Bloch ETU Pointe Shoe Beyond the Barre

    Bloch ETU Pointe Shoe


    The ETU fuses cutting-edge technology with the best of traditional craftsmanship. Delivering all the advantages of modern technology in the toe box, ETU retains the benefits of a traditional pointe shoe thanks to the design of its arch. Ultra-comfortable, long lasting and quiet, the ETU is unlike anything anyone has ever made before.


    • A padded insole, toe protection and additional layers around the toe box make this our most comfortable pointe shoe yet
    • The unique, non-traditional toe box provides long lasting support while still allowing for full articulation
    • The high quality PORON® in this shoe makes it quiet and shock absorbent both in the block and in the arch
    • The modern box is paired with traditional materials in the shank, allowing you to manipulate the shoe to perfectly match your instep
    • The unique box offers a responsive and spring-loaded sensation onto pointe
    • The ultra-flat design offers incredible stability on the supporting foot
    • Traditional Relevease™ insole
    • Slight U-shaped vamp
    • Wide platform
    • Elastic drawstring
    • Tapered and curved last
    • Pleatless construction
    • Wrinkle-proof reinforced satin
    • Suede or satin toecap options
    • Toe cushion inside