11 Ways to Completely Revamp your Dancewear Wardrobe

by Danielle Hernandez on January 31, 2019

Are you one of those dancers who open her closet only to realize there is nothing to wear?

Are you tired to repeating the same old dancewear day after day, and nothing excites you about your attire? We know your wallet is seriously in pain now that the holiday season is almost over, and yet you are already tired of the rotation of your dancewear.

Now is the time to kill boredom and use these hacks to completely revamp your dancewear wardrobe, without burning a hole in your pocket. After all, you are going to spend more time in your dancewear than in your regular clothes.

Assuming that you already have the basic dance related clothes that make for your dancewear, now is the best time to look, and feel your best in the coming dance season. We pick some of the goodies from our versatile and stylish range of dancewear available both in store as well as online.

Step 1: Shop in your Closet

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You read it right, first, look inside your dancewear wardrobe and take out all the pieces you haven’t been wearing in a long time. In the daily rush of things, we often resort to wearing the same clothes over and over again. Have a look at the back of your wardrobe, and fish out stuff you have bought, but never really worn for various reasons.

Step 2: Hold a Wardrobe Exchange

Your dance batch mates must be going through the same blues too! Invite your friends over, armed with a few old pieces that they won’t want to wear anymore. Exchange and swap till you drop! You can do this in a lot of fun ways. Organize a dancewear exchange party, where everyone gets to bring 5-6 pieces from their dancewear wardrobes that are good to wear but have tired them out. Exchanging old for something new is the best way to revamp without spending a bomb on your dancewear.

Step 3: Take Advantage of the End of Season Sales and Smart Deals

For example, this BOGO offer that comes with buying 3 at an additional 10% off is a great way to add the crucial pieces like leggings to your wardrobe. If you and your friends join together, you can all get the leggings of your choice at a never before bargain price!


Step 4: Spruce up Your Accessories

You can never go wrong with accessories. Although most dance forms require you to be minimalistic while performing, there are tonnes of non-intrusive, fun accessories that could turn the dreary old leotard tutu combo into an amazing dancewear piece! Pick from a range of hair accessories, fashion jewelry. Warm-ups and Knitwear can be smartly incorporated to give an outfit an entirely new look.

Step 5: Mix and Match Smartly

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Athleisure dancewear is the latest rage, creating unique looks that are totally “you” using the same pieces from your wardrobe. A simple, classy leotard can be spruced up to look like a million bucks using a pair of smart pair of denim shorts, for example. Or pick up the latest Noli Yoga “Liquid" legging that can add style to a boring dance top.

Step 6: Change Your Dance Bag

Take one small step at a time. Spruce up your every day look with a new dance bag. Store all your accessories, dancewear, shoes and everything that you need in the fashionable and trendy bags to create an entirely new look for yourself.

Here are some of the top trends to watch out for in 2019!
Revamp your wardrobe using the hottest dancewear fashion pieces!

1. High Necks-

This classy Ainsliewear “ Bryn” Leotard helps you create the perfect look with the high neck detailing that adds to your aura.

2. Mesh it up-

Mesh is sexy, elegant and edgy, all rolled into one. Go all-out with mesh tops or opt for small details like mesh backs or this beautiful rose mesh leotard. From dance uniforms, mesh jerseys to leotards, the mesh was big in 2018, and it only gets bigger in 2019!

3. Open Front Skirts-

Add a dramatic flair to your act sans an impediment to your movements with an open front skirt. What's more, you could either make an award-winning performance ensemble or a complete costume out of an open front skirt! Pair it with leotards or a top to complete the look

4. Pastels All The Way-

Muted pink, red, green and purple costumes were a rage last year in all dance competitions, make these hues yours for the upcoming dance season! A skirted leotard in pastel shades is the one dancewear piece you must include in your wardrobe.

5. Bold and Offbeat Leotards-

Leotards never really go out of fashion, and they are the first things to get noticed when it comes to dancewear. There are numerous ways the leotard has been reinvented. Going bold or quirky is the way forward in 2019! Choose from the foxy Ballet Rosa “Amelie” or the quirky Nutcracker “Suite” leotard

6. Shorts-

You can never go wrong with dance shorts. They not only show off your long legs, but a new range of dance shorts also help in hiding your flaws and flaunting your perfect moves effortlessly. Check out this Honeycut Scoop Track short featuring a fashion-forward higher rise and, as always, our interior brief keeps you covered, even at full tilt! Got a crop top already, pair it up with this one!

7. Minimalistic Designs-

A small and straightforward detail is more than enough to up the visual interest in your dancewear while not going OTT, the one that lets your movements shine. Most dancewear manufacturers are focussing on small details rather than one clean swoop in your wardrobes. You can either pick up accessories or choose unique yet straightforward features like this Bloch Diamond Mesh Back Leotard for your little ballet dancer, for example. Minimalist, modern, yet classy and elegant

8. Accessories-

From wraps to shrugs, knits to warmers, accessorizing right has always been considered to be the ultimate style statement for a dancer. By adding small details and smart mix and match, a dancer can create an entirely new ensemble from eclectic, well-worn pieces. Check this one out!

9. Statement-Making Undergarments-

From Two Toned Convention set in trendy colors to longer tanks with an edgy twist; undergarments that can highlight your status as a fashionista are a rage. Go for this Bloch Criss Cross Top or the jaw-dropping Honeycut Eclipse asymmetrical top.

10. Printed Leggings –

They were trendy back in 2017 and 2018, and they become only more stylish now. Though classy monochrome leggings always have staple wardrobe essential for every dancer, many athleisure companies are introducing stunning pieces that can make you feel like a diva from within! The Tropics Leggings by Emily Hsu or Noli Yoga “Rebel” legging define the dancer’s personality – even when they are just working out or rehearsing.

11. Silk, Satin, and Lace are Your Best Pals-

Silken leggings or diamond biketards anyone? Check out the latest range of fusion clothes which are soft, luxurious and elegant. Rich tones, coupled with detailing are the way forward for your dancewear wardrobe makeover.

Not many of us can afford to replace our entire dancewear wardrobes, yet we are so over everything that another day in the same boring, old clothes looks "meh." A specialty store helps in getting the pieces that are best for you.

What do you do when you want to revamp your wardrobe? Do you have your style tips, hacks or tricks to keep it fresh and vibrant? Share it with us in the comments below!


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