Why You Should Buy Dancewear at a Specialty Store

by Danielle Hernandez on August 13, 2018


Dancewear is specialty clothing and quality garments and accessories make a world of difference. Specialty dancewear stores are the right place to buy dancewear and the benefits far outweigh the convenience of shopping online.

Maybe you're a dancer or the parent of one. Whatever your interest is for buying dancewear, here are a few things you want to keep in mind to ensure you buy these specialty clothing in the best manner possible.

1. Buy the Right Dance Clothes

Dancewear is not the same as general activewear. The best dancewear is the one that has been designed and marketed as such. Specialty dancewear is explicitly made for dancers and so designed to be highly breathable, ultra flexible and durable enough for many many washes. General active-wear may or may not offer these key features, and it is worth the effort and sometimes a bit more cost to get your hands on the best dancewear possible.

Buy the Right Dance Clothes

2. Buy the Best You Can

Some parents are prone to think that given the waxing and waning interest levels of their kids, second-hand clothing might suffice until the dance bug passes. While you may be able to get away with second-hand leotards and sometimes even shoes, I highly recommend new tights and that too at places that stock these, such as dance studios. While the ones available at department stores might seem really inexpensive and hence tempting, they tend to fall apart a lot faster because of the exertion making the overall cost in the long run way higher. The ones that dance studios sell last a whole lot longer in the process.

3. Ask About Clothing Requirements

Before you buy dancewear, ask the studio what they need you or your child to wear. Some studios define appropriate clothes by way of style, colors, etc. - from being as simple as wearing a particular shade of tights and covering a certain amount of skin to as complicated as buying from the custom designed studio merchandise with the academy's name and logo.

4. Think About Convenience

Practice costumes and everyday class dancewear can be changed into at a dancer's leisure, but dancewear that is worn under or as part of a costume need to have an additional feature- and that is the ability to be donned quickly and conveniently. Do the clothes come with secure fasteners- Can it be laced soon and unlaced? Are the zippers of good quality that can take the quick change? Is the material that will feel too hot and heavy to wear with layers? These factors set apart great dancewear!

5. Get Dance-friendly Material

Cheap polyester dancewear that is sold for few pennies isn't going to cut it if you are a serious dancer. It will only make you break into a swear and cling to your skin even before you probably start dancing! Lightweight clothing made of cotton, mesh, bamboo pulp, spandex are the ones you should lay your hands on. Clothing with moisture wicking properties is the best to help you stay dry and comfortable through hours of practice. It also helps to find clothing that offers excellent support for your body type.

6. Don't Forget the Accessories

It is not enough to have just the basics in place. Accessories such as socks, leg warmers, hoodies, ballet cardigans have to be equally quality clothing to help you stay comfortable. Imagine you are in a cold dance studio in just your leotard wishing you had a warm hoodie that acts as a layer while you warm up, instead of the regular sweater that is making you hot too soon. Consider buying your dancewear and accessories as a set and for your whole body; this is especially important for those starting out. See the advice of a seasoned salesperson or your dance teacher to understand the essential items you will need and then go shopping for them.

Where Can You Buy Dancewear?

With the exponential growth in the dance industry, the choice available today for the first time dancer and the professional who has been on the circuit is immense. Dancewear has now become a complicated matter, and unless you seek information from those who know better, you could go wrong. Stores and brands that specialize in dancewear are now available everywhere making this process somewhat more complicated.

Whether you're an experienced professional dancer, a competition-level dancer, a first-year dance student, or a first-time dance mom, knowing where to buy this perfect dancewear can often be befuddling.

But how do you choose from a brick and mortar store and the dozens of online stores?

Here are a few aspects you could consider to help decide which way you want to go.

Where Can You Buy Dancewear?

Buying Dancewear Online

Dancewear stores stocking everything from the basics to a recital and competition outfits have mushroomed. From E-commerce giants to specialty dance stores who have only online stores, these are convenient options if you do not have access to a dancewear store in your town or nearby.

Buying from a Dance Studio

Dance studios have in stock exactly what their students or employees need or can arrange for specific items if they are high in demand. Many studios sell their brand of clothing, so you don't have to go to multiple sources for it. Since there are at least some experts available, they can help you get your perfect size and even let you try them on for fit.

Buying from Department Stores

Department stores such as Target and Kohl's both have small dance departments which stock dancewear. One advantage that a department store sometimes offers is that it could have very petite sized clothing and they are always worth checking out for some great deals.

While dancewear is available to buy in any of the options listed above, I highly recommend trying to find a dance store that has specialty products for the below benefits that they offer -

1. When the fit has to be just perfect - Although some parents may wish to purchase dancewear that makes allowances for growth and hence a more cost-effective purchase, this is not advisable at all. Dance clothing is intended to mold the dancer's body to let the movements and posture be seen. For example, Ballet leotards are designed to fit like a second skin, and there should be no excess material once it is worn. Since the material of the leotards has lycra, what may seem impossibly snug will be comfortable and accommodate growing children. Apart from looking unsightly, wearing loose clothing can impair a teacher's view of any postural misalignment thereby increasing the risk of a potential injury; not to mention how sloppy a dancer would feel wearing an ill-fitting garment.

Perfect fit Dancewear

2. When you can not go by the listed sizes - Dance clothing isn't always sized like "normal" clothing. Although most toddler items like tights and leotards will say, toddler, shoes don't follow the typical sizing.

You can not rely on tape measurement for some items of clothing like dresses and shoes as knowing how they will feel and look a big part of the fit. Though some things such as gloves or tights or basics such as t-shirts are excellent to buy online, dancewear that is more fitted like leotards needs to be tried on first.

If it's a brand, you wear regularly, and you know how it fits, then buying it online may work fine for you. Be sure to check out a sizing chart for shoes (and tights, and leotards) before purchasing or being discouraged when you can't find the right size…it's likely that you DO have the right size available, you're just not looking in the right place.

If you are going the online way, ensure you know what prices are available at the shops near you before you assume you are getting the best prices on the net.

3. Access to personal assistance - Having access to an experienced salesperson who will offer choices that precisely meet your need is a value proposition and the reason many prefer to shop for dancewear in a dancewear store. Dancewear stores are manned by dancers themselves or at the very least by those who are knowledgeable about trends, fits, and styles that are level and age appropriate.

Access to personal assistance for buying Dancewear

Besides, going to a dancewear specialty store also provides the luxury of leaving a store with precisely what is needed at that very moment. While going to a store carries the risk that the required item may not be in stock or be sold for the lowest price, shoppers are willing to take it because of this perceived value buying in person stands to offer.

4. Shopping is more than consumerism - It may involve the opportunity to spend the afternoon with friends, to temporarily alter the way one perceives himself/herself by changing physical appearance or surrounding oneself with the company he/she strives to keep. Despite the popularity of buying online, these highly emotional aspects of shopping maintain the appeal of buying in person.

Shopping is more than consumerism

5. When the online forums tell you returns are a hassle - Sometimes, online stores do not deliver what they commit to. Compare this with a store that you can visit, and you are reassured to know that other consumers have walked away satisfied customers. If an online forum makes returns cumbersome, then that is an inconvenience you need to consider carefully as quality dancewear is not exactly cheap.

Various blogs and forums do vouch for dancewear stores, so read these whether you decide to purchase online or at a brick and mortar store.

Finally, choosing dancewear in person gives a joy that is unparalleled. Feeling the fabric and being able to put together a look with all your senses and associating with the larger dance fraternity are joys that make buying dancewear in person an unparalleled pleasure.

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