Recital Lookbook

by Danielle Hernandez on June 06, 2018


A recital is a time to celebrate a dancer's achievements, their hard work and passion all through the year culminating in one grand performance. Dazzling colors, lots of sequins, flattering cuts, trendy props all feature in dance recital costumes.


Investing in some new tights that will go beautifully with your brand new recital outfits is a smart way of getting ready for the recital performances just around the corner. Capezio’s ultra soft-footed tights (available for children and adults) is super soft, long lasting and comes in the colors that will match any outfit- ballet pink, caramel and black. With its wide elastic free self- knit top band, it offers a super clean smooth look under the leotard. With a 15% off on the retail price, get as many as you can!

Shop for Capezio’s Ultra Soft-footed Tights

Sparkly fishnet tights are a beautiful addition to any color of leotard, the rhinestones running the length of the tights provides just the right amount of sparkle, and as you whirl and twirl, these ultra slimming tights look incredibly stylish and are versatile enough to be worn under shorts, a skirt or a leotard.

Get these amazing transition tights by Bodywrappers that will make changing outfits from a classical ballet performance to a modern recital an easy hassle free exercise. Available in colors like theatrical pink, jazzy tan, white and black these allow for quick recital outfit changes.


The Motionwear Galaxy Gymnastics Leotard will set the stage on fire with its diamond sparkles and vivid color palette. This high-performance dancewear is a fantastic performance worthy outfit you can bank upon.

Gymnastics Leotard

Classy, and versatile, this leotard features a pinch front neckline and beautiful, soft mesh inserts at the waistline and upper back. Princess seam treatment gives this leotard a classic ballet look with a twist of fashion. A perfect outfit for a younger dancer.

Ballet recital wear includes fashion leotards and beautiful tutus with delicate details and classic designs, with styles and sizes to fit beginners and competitive ballerinas. This So Danca’s "Taisia" Cap Sleeve Leotard for youth has a diamond mesh treatment which a touch of elegance. With the front being fully lined, it can be a perfect addition to the in-between numbers are the recitals or worn to a special class.


Dance Recital accessories like these Crystal earrings, rhinestone bun covers, crystal ponytail holders make for deceptively stunning statement pieces. They can transform a simple outfit or keep up with the most over- the- top outfit, no problem!

Hair and body sprays that can enliven the stage ready look, spray it on and your movements are sure to catch the light and give a magical quality to your dance recital performance.

Let’s not forget some basics of a recital preparation session and without which there are bound to be some very harried dancers. For perfect smooth hair, every mom and hairstylist reaches out for the ever dependable and strong Suffolk hairpins for their excellent hold on hair.

Hanging space is often limited at the recitals and having your own rack that pops out of the Dream Duffel Bag and big enough to fit your makeup kit is a huge bonus. The Dream Duffel garment bag stores and protects while transporting your precious garment with ease and is a brilliant addition to any dance recital event and can be used for a long time to come.


Recital preparations don’t end with the costumes—from tights to shoes to earrings, dancers need to be ready for a long weekend of performances. So don’t forget specialty undergarments which are an absolute essential to go with your recital outfit.

Undergarments with Dancewear

For a jazz outfit, buy a nude camisole leotard, the nude straps are unlike the clear straps that look shiny with the bright lights on stage.

When your costume is a dress, buy a pair of high waist trunks like these or booty shorts. Both give excellent coverage and come in so many colors that matching them with your outfit will be easy.



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