The Audition Look Book

by Danielle Hernandez on April 03, 2018

A great dance audition needs to be one where you are seen a winner, not just because of your performance and technique but also for your presentation; and that means the outfit, shoes, makeup, and accessories.

Dancewear Clothes for Auditions

Whether you'd like to dazzle and wow or exude a quiet elegance, a fashion leotard is a perfect pick for the dance audition season. Available in stunning colors, luxurious textures, laser cut beautiful lace and crystal embellishments, it opens up for you a world of self-expression.

Find one that is appropriate for the role you are auditioning for and which matches your style, and you are all set to go!

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An audition for a hip-hop role allows you to express your personality, so experiment with different trendy looks. When auditioning for a role, be influenced by the style and the personality of the character but keep it versatile.

For a convention scholarship audition, simple dancewear pieces, rich in color and which do not distract judges from your body is a good choice.

A classical ballet audition will have a sea of black leotards, but if the back of the leotard contains embellishments or has a unique or flattering cut, it can set you apart. 

A  musical  theatre  audition  calls  for vibrant  color  combinations,  a  popular  one being red and black

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Dance Audition Makeup and Hair

An excellent rule to stick by is to wear the make-up you would usually wear to class, plus a little extra touch like lipstick or some fake eyelashes. A commercial audition gives you more room to show bolder hair and makeup styles, allow your personality to shine through.

Similarly, for a musical audition, theatrical make up styles that have a more daring lip, and eye makeup palette is deemed necessary.

The hairstyle is also an essential component of the perfect audition look, and like your outfit, it should be appropriate to the role. If it is an audition for a ballet conservatory, a bun will need to be the hairstyle by default.

While tying a bun for most ballet auditions would be essential, adding a braid or twist in the bun would make for a stunning change.

When in doubt, team your audition outfit with simple makeup and an off the face hairdo (better for the makeup to be understated and classy rather than going over the top and then having to tone it down)

Dance Audition Accessories and Other Essentials

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A canvas cosmetic bag is just the size to tote accessories and makeup and even those additional pair of tights and dance shoes. A good looking water bottle in color matching your outfit and a muscle ball and massager gives you bonus points for preparation and professionalism.

Don't forget the divine Brise foot spray that can give you an extra lift with its calming scent!

Dance Audition Shoes

An audition means long hours and changing of many shoes depending on what you are auditioning for. Showoff that footwork in a choice of the best dance shoes that are great looking and give you the confidence to dance your best.

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Angelo Luzio Half Soles are perfect for jazz, contemporary, and lyrical dance. The ball of the foot is covered which makes turning easy, while having the heel exposed helps keep the dancer grounded and secure on the floor.

So Danca Split Sole Canvas Ballet shoe is one of the leading canvas ballet shoes in the market. It's elasticized for comfort and fit and hugs the arch of the foot precisely where a dancer wants it to do. It enhances the arch of the foot which is ideal when auditioning.

The Bloch Adult "Prolite II" Leather Split Sole Ballet Shoe and the Bloch Dansoft Children's Ballet Shoe are both are leather shoes by Bloch. They are made of genuine leather and are incredibly soft. The split sole provides arch enhancement, and the elastics are now pre-sewn.

The Bloch Elastabootie Children's Jazz shoe and the Bloch Elastabootie Adult Jazz shoe are both soft leather split sole jazz shoe and are the perfect shoe regardless of what type of surface you are dancing on. They are great for jazz, lyrical and contemporary. 

We hope this LookBook has fuelled your imagination and helped you choose the best for that important dance audition. We would love to hear from you and any other suggestions for a LookBook that you would  want us to put together. 

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