by Danielle Hernandez on July 19, 2016

So this month we were able to catch Georgia Bunnell between dance classes, competitions, and recitals to answer a few questions about her experience, her dreams, and her secret to performing at a high level.


When did you start dancing?

I first started dancing around 10 years ago, at age 4.


What motivated you to start dancing/singing/performing?

I started dancing because my mum wanted to put me in a hobby just for fun, but then she realised I was starting to get good. Since then, I had had many opportunities with [dancing] and it has lead on to other performance opportunities, such as singing and acting – which I am also very passionate about.


Who is your dance idol/inspiration?

My dance inspiration is the American child dancers, Sophia Lucia, Maddie Ziegler, and Kalani Hilliker.


What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the future are to be a world famous dance teacher. I also want to have my own albums, and to dance and choreograph in my music videos.


How do shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ impact you? You can choose a different dance show or film.

Dance shows impact me a lot because they show a lot of moves and styles I would have probably never seen otherwise. They motivate me to try new things, and inspire me to be like or better than the dancers on the shows.


What is the most important thing you have learned from choreographers you have worked with?

The most important thing I have learned from choreographers I’ve worked with is to not be afraid to just go for it. Whatever dance or move I haven’t tried before – to just go for it and not be afraid of the result or people’s opinions. Another one is to just perform full out even if I’m not used to the style, and put my heart on the line with every dance I perform.


What is your favorite genre of dance?

My favourite dance style is lyrical modern because I love the way you can tell a story and paint a picture to the audience. I love how moving it can be and how much emotion I can put into the dance.


What motivated you to become an ambassador?

I was motivated to become an ambassador because I wanted to show my love for dance to the world and be able to give my all to try and represent a company the best I can. Also, it is an amazing opportunity I would never miss out on!


What is your favorite dance item? Leotards? Shoes? and Why?

My favourite item of dancewear has to be the leotards! I have tons and tons of different leotards in all different colours because I just love clothing. I love all the pretty, different styles and colours. I love nothing more than receiving a new leotard and getting to show it off online and at places; even my in own dance studio during classes!


What technique tools help you the most (examples…, foot stretchers, exercise bands, turning boards)?

The technique tools that help me the most are my turning board because I love to nail my turns properly and see how many I can do! Also, I love to use my foot stretcher to make my arches bigger because it improves my point work and makes my legs and feet look cleaner and nicer.


If you could meet any professional dancer who would it be?

If I could meet one professional dancer it would have to be Darcey Bussle. She has been there and seen/ done it all. I would ask her endless questions and use her answers to improve myself and get more motivated. If I could meet her, it would be a dream come true. She is my idol.


What would be your dream dance job?

My dream dance job is to be a world-renowned dance teacher just like Abby Lee! I want to have my own dance company in lots of different places in the world. I would also love to be a sought-after, freelance choreographer and choreograph big award-winning numbers.


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