Celebrate the Season of Love with Our Pick of Top 5 Dance-Based Valentine’s Day Gifts

by Danielle Hernandez on February 13, 2018

Valentine's Day Dance by Couple

What do love and dance have in common? They both come from the soul. Both have the power to heal. They are forms of expressions that bring people together.

They can be creative and have the magical ability to make the cares of the world seem far away. And when you find people doing what they love in dance, it shows in all areas of their life.

The Gift of Love

For those whose special someone is a dancer, the season of love, beginning with Valentine's Day, is the perfect opportunity for gifting to show how much you love and support them in their art.

Whether the gift is for a starting ballerina or a seasoned dance student, a professional dancer or a gymnast, a dance coach or a fitness enthusiast, we can help you find the perfect gift that pays tribute to their chosen dance form.

For a lover of dance, dancing is a way of life and a growing passion for many others.

Dance and its many forms are pursued on various stages; either as a dancer, a cheerleader or a fitness enthusiast. Whatever art form your loved engages in, at On 1 Dancewear, we have compiled a list of our bestselling and unique Valentine's Day gift options to help you choose a thoughtful gift, which rewards the honest and hard work.

Also, these handpicked gifts, curated by our team of experienced dancers, will provide exceptional comfort and relaxation during and at the end of your loved one's dance lessons and rehearsals.

Read on for our list of gifting options and exciting offers that you and the dancer in your life will be sure to appreciate.

The Suffolk Foam Roller

Foam rollers are an inexpensive and super-versatile piece of equipment that can help with blood circulation, break down tightness or knots in your muscles and bolster muscle tissue integrity.

Suffolk Foam Roller

A roller is an invaluable part of the warm up and cool down routine, something that a dancer or an athlete engages in every single day.

It can be used as a massage tool to release aching and tired muscles after long hours of rehearsal and performance and also to work on the core strength.

The Suffolk foam roller has an outer layer that surrounds a hard plastic layer for strength. The solid inner core is made of high-density foam. It makes for a perfect Valentine's Day gift option, as it comes in the colors of the season of love – Red, and Pink!

The Bloch Resistance Band

A resistance band is one of the least expensive, yet most beneficial items you should own. Some dancers will do anything to increase their flexibility, sometimes turning to extreme stretching practices that may result in injury.

Bloch Resistance Band

Fortunately, there are safer alternatives available to students to reach their potential and get the dazzling elastic moves they're striving for.  

Resistance band training can help with balance, coordination, and core strength. Using resistance bands during cheerleading conditioning is an excellent way for cheerleaders to get fit and improve flexibility while they're working to progress their skills and technique.

All in all, this affordable and thoughtful Valentine's Day gift is sure to win big thumbs up. (Grab the 15% off offer USE COUPON CODE LOVEDANCE)

The Ballet Strap by American Dance Supply

The ballet strap, being one of the highest rated training products, will impress any professional dancer as a Valentine's Day gift.  The ballet strap is designed uniquely by combining elastic and nylon. By providing resistance, the ballet strap can increase mobility, strengthen muscles and improve flexibility.

Ballet Strap

The ballet strap by American Dance Supply available on On 1 Dancewear features 11 loops for hands and feet that will assist with stretching. It is easy and fun to improve flexibility and strength and is one of the highest rated training products, making it a fantastic gift option.

Canvas Cosmetics and Dance Accessories’ Bag  

"Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist," said Pablo Picasso and it is a quote to live by the spirit in the world of dance and gymnastics. And one of the rules is to be always prepared.

When you're a dancer, your body is considered your instrument; and "playing" it often requires a variety of items ranging from essentials like barrettes and protein bars to music and notebooks.

Canvas Dance Bag

On 1 Dancewear brings this attractive gifting option of high quality 8 1/2" x 11" canvas bags which are perfect for carrying all your cosmetics and dance accessories- even a tablet! Each bag has its own printed cotton lining with a soft leather-like zipper pull and a choice of inspirational quotes. Gift this handy canvas bag to your love, so he or she is always prepared for the new season of auditions, classes, and rehearsals.

The Dance Apothecary Set by Covet Dance

If you are looking for a dynamite package of love, look no further than this ultimate gift option. The Aprés Dance Kit is part of the new Dance Apothecary collection by Covet Dance. This "after dance" kit gives the much sought after relief dancers need at the end of their routine to revive their senses, ease muscle pain, bruising and swelling.

Dance Apothecary

Inspired by vintage French apothecary design and classical ballet, the Aprés Dance Kit features four artisan-made, natural products crafted to soothe and heal using naturally derived plant and mineral properties.

The set of four products in beautiful packaging are the Brise Spray, Pointe powder, Releve Relief and Plie-pedi soak; one perfect product each for every stage of a dancer's routine.

On 1 Dancewear believes that the best way to pay tribute to dance and all it has to offer is to make available affordable quality full-service dance and fitness merchandise. A great gift for a loved one defines who they are and adds to their life experience.

On 1 Dancewear is run by professional dancers and dedicated to dancers and hence are in a position to provide valued customer service.

On 1 Dancewear not only caters to all genres of dance like ballet and jazz but also carries merchandise for ice skaters, gymnasts, Pilates, and yoga ensuring you will never run out of gift options for the season of love.

Visit the store located in the heart of Englewood NJ or the website to find a unique Valentine Day gift that will perfectly match your special someone's style and personality.

Feel free to contact us for help in finding other dance-based gifts to match your unique needs!

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Did you like our curated set of Top 5 Gift options for the upcoming season of love? We would love to hear from you on your preferred gift option from this list or on any other product from our catalog. Leave your comments below.

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