Amazing Costume Ideas for Halloween with Leotards & Tutus - Beyond the

Amazing Costume Ideas for Halloween with Leotards & Tutus - Beyond the Barre

Create this year's Halloween costume DIY style with basic dance wear pieces like unitards, leotards and tutus. Here are some ideas we love....

Pair a royal blue short sleeve or long sleeve leotard with a red tutu for a unique spin on our favorite Dr. Seuss characters.

    Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Create a cat suit with a simple black unitard. Add ears, a tail and some creative make up and you are ready for Trick or Treat


More creative ideas made with only unitards and fabric paint.



Take a nude long sleeve leotard like this one and pair with a pale yellow or white tutu to create a lion costume. Brown felt can be used to create a tail. Buy ears and face paint to complete the look.



For a peacock costume pair a royal blue long sleeve leotard with a teal or royal blue tutu. Create your own feathers and apply to back of tutu with fabric glue.




Danielle Hernandez


About the Author

Danielle Hernandez has been in the dance industry for over 30 years. She landed her first professional dance job at the age of 11.

Danielle received her acting and musical theater training at the prestigious Musical Theater Works Conservatory, and she graduated from Rutgers University with a major in dance and minor in music.

In addition to training and competing with a dance company in NJ, Danielle also trained at Steps on Broadway, as well as Broadway Dance Center. At the young age of 15, Danielle fell in love with teaching dance and coaching competitive cheer squads and dance teams, bringing them to success with state, regional, and national championship titles

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