Zumba – The Hottest Latin Dance Workout

by Danielle Hernandez on June 05, 2018

Showing incredible results from an exhilarating dance party like atmosphere, the Zumba is the ultimate workout. Get tips on enrolling for a class and what to wear by way of apparel and shoes for a sizzling hot workout.

A combination of red-hot Latin and international music set to a heart-pumping cardio workout?

Yes, please!

Known as Zumba, this exercise program was an improvisation to an aerobics class and founded in the '90s by Alberto "Beto" Perez, a fitness instructor from Colombia. With an exciting dance-fitness party-like atmosphere, the focus is on having fun while burning calories.

Moving to rhythms like salsa, merengue, reggaeton, cumbia, samba, and bachata will surely teach you some new moves and don't worry if you don't know how to dance. Great for all ages, fitness levels and genders, there are no wrong moves — Keep moving, keep your heart rate up, and you will rock the Zumba!

Before Enrolling in a Zumba Class - Newbie Tips

Are you tired of the usual dance workout routines and fitness boot camps? For those who are looking for other fun options to keep healthy and fit you can enroll in a Zumba class today! With nearly every good fitness center and dance studio offering Zumba classes, here are some factors you would want to consider before enrolling in a Zumba class near you.

1. Facilities

The right facilities are a big part of a Zumba class. Aside from the location of the fitness center or dance studio (the nearer, the better) check for available facilities in the studio or gym as well. To avoid potential injuries, the floor should be neither too slippery nor rough so everyone can avoid getting injuries while dancing. A first aid kit in the premises is essential.

2. Certified Zumba Instructor

Check with the establishment if a certified Zumba instructor would handle the Zumba classes. If feasible, speak to the instructor and understand his background and style of teaching the fitness routine. An instructor with a personal trainer experience is better equipped to handle beginners.

And since Zumba is all about dancing and incorporating various moves from different dance steps, the instructor who would deal with all the Zumba classes must have a good dance background as well. It is not necessary that he or she has won an award for a dance contest. But you tend to learn Zumba more efficiently if the instructor had training particularly in ballroom dancing where all kinds of dances are often taught.

4. Be Realistic

Be realistic and enroll yourself in Zumba classes according to your capabilities. If you do not have any idea about Zumba or this is your first time to try a dance workout program, it is advisable that you only take the beginner's class. If you already have an idea about dancing the merengue, cha-cha, salsa or any Latin dances, you would not have a hard time coping with the combined steps included in Zumba.

5. Prepare Yourself

It is also essential that you prepare yourself for the upcoming Zumba classes as well before you start putting on your exercise garments. Zumba is an effective way to sweat, lose those calories, and shed that unwanted fat. But it would not be a successful dance program if you are not willing to help yourself.

Drink lots of water, eat small meals every day, and avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible. This would condition your body so you would not have difficulty in breathing and can follow the moves easily without experiencing any complications.

6. Be Ready to Sweat and Move!

As a student, you benefit best when you come to class with an open mind and be ready to sweat and move! New students should ideally come into class a few minutes early to settle in, find a spot with an unobstructed view of the instructor and let the instructor know they are new so she can provide additional cues during class.

Apparel Tips for Zumba Classes

Zumba is hugely aerobic so come dressed to sweat and move. Wear clothing that can handle it (think dry-fit, moisture-wicking synthetics) and keep you comfortable. Zumba has dance-like movements, and the shoes should support dance movement — side-to-side movements and pivots rather than simple front-to-back movement. Cross trainers, dance sneakers, or even running shoes with a worn-out tread serve the purpose. A water bottle to hydrate and a super absorbent towel are a must.

Groove in Style with the Best Clothes for Zumba Fitness Classes!

Choose your clothes for Zumba Fitness classes with care: you want to be safe and supported, feel cool and comfortable AND look snazzy and stylish. Unlike other fitness modalities, part of the fun of Zumba is the workout outfit!

Zumba Fitness Classes

Some choose head-to-toe Zumbawear, while others opt for more regular workout clothes such as leggings, sweats, tees, and tanks. Zumba Fitness branded clothing is fun, colorful, and high-quality but a combination of "official" Zumbawear and other workout clothes work just as great.

Read on to know more about both Zumba and non-Zumba shoes, pants, bras and undies, tops, outerwear, and accessories.

Shoes for Zumba Fitness Classes

The first most significant investment when you sign up for any fitness pursuit should be on the footwear. Zumba routines ask that you jump, hop, twist, slide, and step forward and back as well as side to side and so shoes that support your arch and your ankles in these different kinds of movements are what is required.

Running shoes are not suitable since the heel is designed for optimal forward movements only. Cross-trainers with a lower heel profile are comparatively a better choice as they allow for side to side movements along with forward and back, but because of their excessive tread, they do impede footwork.

Split-sole jazz sneakers are safer and better for dancing than cross trainers and running shoes, but the lack of arch support and platform-ish sole are still not perfect for Zumba.

Zumba's Z-Kickz shoes are supportive, shock-absorbing footwear and have a no-tread sole and easy glide across the dance floor. Immensely popular amongst the Zumba crowd, they offer just the right amount of traction; the arch and ankle support is similar to a trainer; and the lightweight, flexible material makes the Zumba twists and turns easy as pie.

Outerwear for Zumba Fitness Classes

The studio may be chilly when you arrive, so it makes sense to dress your upper body in layers for Zumba Fitness classes. With the first couple routines, you will need to take off your hoodie (synthetic or cotton is fine) as you will be all warmed up. There are some bright, fashionable Zumba outerwear for layering; you can choose from long-sleeves, hoodies, track jackets, wraps, and vests.

Shirts for Zumba Fitness Classes

I recommend wearing a tank top or racerback instead of a t-shirt for Zumba classes. Zumba is very intensive, and you will be sweating so much that any air touching your skin will be greeted with gratitude! So while cotton is OK, clothes in a moisture-wicking synthetic fabric will be more comfortable.

Sports Bras and Undergarments for Zumba Fitness Classes

A sports bra with good coverage is a must if you are layering and will want to remove your top during class. A sports bra in a synthetic or dry- fit material will dry as they go, keeping yours comfortably without that icky feeling.

Pants for Zumba Fitness Classes

Pants are another primary consideration when Zumba Fitness clothing. Again, you'll want a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. I prefer crop leggings made from synthetic material; cotton pants trap too much moisture and feel leaden.

Zumba Fitness also offers flashy and fun cargo pants if you want to treat yourself. Some styles have lightweight tassels on the back and side pockets that whip around when you shake it, which makes dancing even more fun. These Motionwear two-toned top and dance shorts make a cute functional outfit

Accessories for Zumba Fitness Classes

A water bottle, a towel, and a gym bag to stash your stuff in are some fitness essentials you will want to carry. Keep them basic or ultra cute; these are essentials you cannot do without!

Other fun Zumba accessories are fun, like the fun and funky rubber Zumba bracelets that Zumba enthusiasts proudly wear both in and out of class. They add that little pop of color making your outfit even more snazzy!

There are also the Zumba Carpet Gliders that you can put over the front of your shoes for a carpeted surface. These are designed in such a way that you do not hurt your knees and ankles doing those twists and moves.

Where to Find Clothes for Zumba Fitness Classes

Official Zumba fitness gear is available on Zumba.com and Amazon.com. Many dance studios and fitness centers are willing and able to sell Zumba wear to their students as well; sometimes a class can put together a group order to save on shipping costs.

Zumbawear from non-legit sources tends to be of shoddy quality, so avoid these. You also don't want to be supporting a business that's practicing copyright infringement.

A good source of non-Zumba workout clothes is by Under Armour; these have great moisture-wicking properties, a top priority for Zumba enthusiasts. My favorite brand of non-Zumba dance shoes is definitely Capezio. If you choose non-Zumba shoes, go for sneaker-style dance shoes, not ballet- or jazz-style; the latter just don't provide enough support.

Everyone finds their own groove with clothes for Zumba Fitness classes. Experiment with different styles and brands and find what works best for you! I highly encourage you to try a Zumba Fitness class as soon as possible.

Whether you're new to exercising or a confirmed fitness freak, Zumba has something for you. Beginners will discover a fun, extremely effective inroad to fitness, while veteran exercisers will have a blast shaking up their routine as they discover a new modality to add to (or replace!) their current repertoire.



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