What's in your dance bag?

by Danielle Hernandez on January 01, 2014

Hi Dancers! Welcome to On 1 Dancewear's Blog. We will be posting on everything from new dance fashion trends to class basics, technique tips to conditioning exercises, products reviews and so much more. 

Today I'd like to talk about must haves that I keep in my dance bag. I have been dancing nearly 3 decades so injury prevention and proper warm up is a must. Here are some products I keep in my dance bag and they may be good for you too.

Ten Dance Bag Items for Injury Prevention and Treatment.

1.  Bunheads Foot Roller-It is perfect for massaging out the kinks in the arches of my feet.

2. Bunheads Theraband-to warm up my feet and ankles before I teach a class.

3. A tennis ball- for massaging out tightness in my glutes and thighs.

4. Foot powder by Green Ballerina to keep my dry dry and fresh and blister free. Blisters are caused by friction and are more likely to occur on moist skin so keeping feet as dry as possible helps as a preventative. 

5.  A small first aid kit including antiseptic wipes and antibiotic ointment to treat the accidental Marely floor burn (you dancers know what I am talking about) 

6. Disposable ice packs

7.  Liquid Gel Advil- a student of mine told me that she will poke a hole in a liquid advil gel cap and rub a small amount of the gel onto her feet as topical treatment for sore toes. I tried it and it works like a charm. 

8.  Toe Tape- to protect my feet from further calluses when I am dancing barefoot.

9.  Tigerbalm and Bunheads Muscle and Joint Gel to relieve tired sore muscles after hours of dance.

10. Protein bars and water bottles- Your body is your instrument and it does not work efficiently if you do not properly fuel it. 

Visit our store's Accessories page to locate products by Bunheads and Green Ballerina! 

Dance Safe!





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