Women's Day- How to Celebrate With your Favorite Dancer

by Danielle Hernandez on February 27, 2019


Wouldn't it be fun to surprise your mom, grandmother, sister, wife, girlfriend or daughter with something personal this women's day? 

Express your feelings and gratitude for being an amazing woman in your life by some thoughtful planning and some gift ideas from us. But what is the one thing you must do?

Read till the end to find out!

A woman is a symbol of care, wisdom, strength, and tenderness. March 8 is celebrated around the world as International Women's Day to appreciate those who have the most significant influence in our lives ever since we are born. Celebrate the invincible spirit of women across the world and honor the women in your life.

If you are a dancer, or part of a dance team, or know someone who loves dancing, here are some ideas on how to celebrate this special day with them, and some fantastic gifts that you can exchange to make the day even more memorable.

Women don't need to elaborate arrangements and appreciate little thoughtful things that let them know you care. The best gift to honor the women that have stood by you and made you what you are today by their sheer presence and strength of character is your time.

Fun Activities to Do on Women’s Day

1. A Fun Women’s Day Out

Plan a fun day out for shopping, eating out or activities she loves doing, like dancing.

2. A Dance or a Toga Workshop

Dancing is a proven way of building healthy relationships, and yoga helps in aligning mind, body, and soul. It doesn’t matter the kind of dance you are interested in, be it freestyle, jazz or ballroom dancing, take your woman to subscribe to the class, and if possible, dance together to connect emotionally.

3. Go to the Spa Together

Pamper her with spa treatments and let her take a day off taking care of herself.

4. Get Involved in an Organization Dedicated to Women Empowerment

We all talk about it, but very few take the step and do something about it. If you are a woman or know a woman who has been waiting on the sidelines, motivate her to take up a cause she would like to stand up for, and join together on women's day. Stand up for what you genuinely believe in, and it could be a great start for giving back to society.

5. Watch Movies, Cook Together

Women love company, and what better way to spend an entire day with them watching some great women-oriented films, having meals prepared in-house and generally chilling out?

Gift Ideas for Women Dancers on this Women's Day

She could be your mother, who is the perfect dance mom your teammates are jealous about. OR she could be your instructor, a teammate or even your physiotherapist, or your grandmother, all women in your life have an important role to play. It might sound like a cheesy idea, but everyone loves surprise gifts! While you rake your brain to find out what that one thing your woman has wanted for long, here are some dance-inspired gift ideas

1. Bloch Resistance Bands 

Bloch Resistance Bands

One can never run out of conditioning and technique aids. The stretch bands are a perfect gift for ballet dancers, gymnasts or for fitness enthusiasts or dancers from other streams looking to enhance flexibility.

2. Covet Dance Dancer Problems Kit

Covet dance dancer problems kit

A great cosmetic case in the Women's day theme color of purple, and this is one set every dancer would thank you for gifting.

3. Jewelry

Bunheads performance earrings

You can never go wrong with fashion jewelry. Try these “Bunheads performance earrings” and watch their faces glow with admiration.

4. Suffolk Balance Board

Suffolk balance board

Multitasking comes naturally to your dancer woman, but often, balancing during their ballet turnouts and pirouettes need a little help. Suffolk Balance board does just that, and your thoughtfulness will be much appreciated.

5. Jewelry Holders

Adorable jewelry holder by Bunhead/Capezio

Adorable jewelry holder by Bunhead/Capezio jewelry makers to help keep jewelry safe while they dance their heart out. Or try this musical jewelry box for your mother or granny as these retro-themed boxes are perfect utility choice to store elegant jewelry, stationery or as an artifact in your homes.

6. Water Bottles and Tumblers

Dance themed water bottles

Dance themed water bottles, and cups never go out of trend because dancers can never have enough water to stay hydrated. Take your pick from personalized water bottles and tumblers or interesting ones with inspiring quotes.

7. Dancewear

Athleisure Wear

With athleisure being the latest trend, most dancers prefer this type of clothing even for their off-dance days.

8. Collections

Beyond The Barre Gift range

Key-chains, magnets, mugs, books, there is something for everyone. Check out our entire Beyond The Barre Gift range and get inspired!

A lot of you may think that women don't need a special day to celebrate their greatness. But if you wish to show your love and respect for women in your lives, there is no better way to help her stand out in the crowd especially on International women’s day.

Even as a woman, you could celebrate your womanhood with millions of women around the globe and stand in solidarity by marking a special tribute to being a woman on this 8th of March a day when you think about your achievements in past and set new milestones for future.

Remember, your thoughtfulness and creativity will help you celebrate the special day with women you genuinely respect, love, and admire!


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