Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Dancers

by Danielle Hernandez on January 30, 2019


Buying a gift for your Valentine who loves to dance? Here are some great ideas to sway them off their feet!

You can never go wrong while shopping for a gift for dancers. They are relatively a very sorted lot when it comes to gifting. A dancer's needs are straightforward- they are always looking for good music, a healthy snack, or some dancewear. What could possibly go wrong?


But this is Valentine's Day! And if your Valentine is an aspiring competitive dancer or someone who breathes, eats, and lives dance 24x7, chances are you have already gifted something thoughtful to them during the holiday season.

On1dancewear can help you find something that is unique, special and conveys your feelings and your love for everything your valentine loves to do.

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Diamonds, or any jewel, is a girl's best friend. More so for dancers, who can not really wear too much jewelry, (except hip-hop, where it is mandatory!) or accessorize themselves much. Cute little pieces which are unobtrusive are your best bet for your dancer valentine. Take your pick from these stunning pieces that exude understated beauty and elegance.

Dancewear that Makes a Statement

Your Valentine has been working so hard to excel at the dance. Make it all worth it with these statement-making tops. While you confess your love for her, she will be touched by the fact that you are cool about their long hours, packed weekends, and canceled date nights. To truly love someone means to care for their goals, and their passions are yours too!

Try this slogan dancewear or check out the latest “ Beyond the Barre” range that conveys your adoration, and respect for your valentine's choice!


Dance Bags

A dancer can never have enough of dance bags! There are tonnes of things to stash in, and most days are spent rushing in and out of school, college, gym, and dance studios. Your Valentine needs a bag that helps her keep it all arranged, so she doesn't have to worry or fret over stuff they have to carry all through the day.

Your thoughtfulness in choosing this gift will be amply appreciated and rewarded!


Dancer Care Kits

For a dancer, a true Valentine is one who understands the pain she is going through. A dancer would always want someone to offer a word or two of encouragement whenever the chips are down; they are struggling with an injury, fatigue or common problems that only dancers know about. Dancers sign up for soreness, blisters, and everything that comes with it when they dedicate their life to create a dancing career.

Every dancer would cherish receiving something that helps alleviate the pain and discomfort that dancing every day brings. My tip: Accompany these products with a bouquet of red roses and a card that pronounces “ I care," and you are sure to win hearts!


Water Bottles

Staying hydrated while you dance is most important, and a dancer valentine can never say “no” to these nifty, fashionable water bottles. What’s more, you can even personalize like this Covet Dance "The Body Says What Word Cannot"Tumbler. Sleek and stylish, a perfect gift for your valentine!



Want something that reminds your valentine of you every time they look at it? How about magnets for their lockers or study? Dance themed magnets are sturdy, and will gently remind your valentine of you while they reach out to their refrigerator or their magnetic boards. They show you care and admire your darling for the supreme efforts it takes to be a dancer!


Nutcracker Inspired Gifts

Nothing is more important for a ballet dancer than the holiday tradition of “Nutcracker." Take your pick from mug sets to share a hot cuppa of cocoa, bags, and more for your ballet enthusiast.


Valentine’s day is the day for expressing your love and confessing your feelings. For a dancer, feeling the connect with his/ her partner at an emotional level is very important. A dancer ‘s life is a tough life, and it doesn’t help if their love-interest has nothing to do with dance. Dancers often spend hours, sometimes days and weeks away from their loved ones. They refrain from date nights, avoid late night parties and maintain a regimented lifestyle to succeed in their passion.

All this is bound to cause friction, and even the couples who have fallen in love on the dance floor, sometimes find it difficult to maintain their relationships. If you are thinking of proposing to a fellow teammate, think hard and be sure that you wish to take the plunge. Only those couples who understand and respect each other for the choice of their profession could survive the demands and pressure of this profession.

But once you have made up your mind, don’t hesitate in expressing your true feelings. Gifts could play a great ice breaker and bring a smile on the face of your Valentine. Be it any form of dance; every dancer would love to get something that not only reminds them of the love you have for them but also the pride and respect you have in the choice of their career.


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