Tips to Help you Choose the Perfect Dance Bag

by Danielle Hernandez on February 23, 2018

The World Of A Dancer

The world of dance today can be likened to an extreme sport. Natural ability and talent will only get us so far. Dancers work hard and try to persevere; we give years of our lives to have the honor and pleasure of performing. It is befitting that we understand our environment, nature of work and industry and all that it offers by way of the tricks of the trade.

Knowing how things work, what dance accessories to have and what to carry, how to dress and how to rest is the knowledge that will help us bring this natural born talent to the forefront. Among all the dance accessories, we can venture as far as to say that a dance bag is one of those vital items in a dancer's life of routines and rehearsals.

Dance Routine And Rehearsals

Nobody ever feels completely ready when an opportunity arises. From letting go of a ballet barre to moving to the center, to traveling the world to work with a new company, we could encounter great opportunities in life just about anywhere! As these are likely to challenge us at many levels, preparation is key, and this is why a dancer's life comprises of routines and rehearsals nearly every day of a year.

Each dancer or athlete has his or her routine that has been tried and tested over the years to suit their body type and profession. Pre-class warm-ups, participation in classes, rehearsing for shows or productions and catching up on homework during the rare break is all part of the day. Being prepared for what is required of the day by way of refreshments, clothes and other necessities will go a long way in beating the fatigue of the day.

A Dance Bag

Dancers are considered artistic athletes who use their bodies to tell a story and express their art form through movement. Like all artists, tools are essential; a painter needs a paintbrush; a sculptor his clay, a musician his instrument and a dancer - a dance bag.

Whether you are taking one class per week as a newbie or going for stage performance as a seasoned professional, having the perfect dance bag and one which is always packed to go will make life so much easier while keeping you focused on your art without worrying about the mundane essentials.

A dancer needs to be conscious of keeping his or her appearance up to scratch even while not working; after all, it is show business. Besides dance clothes and spares of the different items, makeup and hair accessories and shoes for each type of dance, other contents of a dance bag should include snacks, drinks, and books. Carrying a marketing pack and a couple of copies of the same to an audition is also vital.

Tips to Choose The Perfect Dance Bag

Based on my dance career, here are my top tips to choose the Best dance bags

Choose as per your need: The options are many when selecting a bag; they can be fancy or simple. The size of a dance bag varies, depending on the schedule for the day. Obviously, auditions that require you to be prepared with more gear will call for a professional dance bag with enough room, while the requirements of a weekly class can be toted around, well, in a tote. If something a little more compact is required, say for a quick photo shoot that may involve only a few makeup essentials and perhaps a snack while you wait it out, a canvas cosmetic bag may be just the right thing.

The Dream Duffel® garment bags can be used for storing, protecting, and transporting stage costumes. Also, zippered pockets allow you to keep shoes and other accessories organized with the outfit ensuring you never lose the perfectly matched accessories you worked so hard to get your hands on

Quality is tantamount: A dance bag when used regularly is likely to see a lot of wear and tear. A quality dance bag is made of sturdy material, can be carried comfortably no matter how full it is and the seams are strong enough to prevent the contents from spilling over. Some of the best dance bags come with comfortable, adjustable handles that will not throw the posture out.

A bag with wheels is a huge plus. With constant travel and absence of a full-fledged green room many a time, a bag with wheels seems like an answer to a prayer. And I think this is why the fabulously and thoughtfully designed Rac N Roll suitcase is such a great item.

The ‘original dressing room on wheels' is a large duffel bag that has exterior pockets, interior pockets, a collapsible hanging rod, rolling wheels and a handle. The inside of the duffel bag has "D" shaped metal which is great for keeping costume hangers in place during travel. There are also two collapsible arms that hold up the rod for hanging the costumes; the arms slide into square openings at each end of the bag.

Aesthetics and personalization - Dance gear and accessories can be used to stand out, in a right way. A bag that allows for some personalization (sequins and motifs are a big hit with little girls) can indeed be considered an extension of one's identity. When going to a rehearsal or a class or even a performance with hundreds of other dancers, a bag that gives some scope for personalization and a space to insert a label could save sanity!

Compartments: An all in one dance bags should have at least a few compartments, especially for dancers who need to carry several pairs of shoes and dance clothes. Going from class to class means that fresh clothing is essential; look out for the ‘wet pocket' where damp practice clothes can be stored until they reach the laundry basket.

A personal favorite is The Dream Duffel, a dance bag uniquely designed for dancers to help make training, competition and recreational dance practice both enjoyable and convenient.

With plenty of side pockets, internal compartments, and separate sections, it's incredibly easy to organize all dance essentials in one place. A dancer would not need to waste time rummaging around the bottom of a big ordinary bag, as with Dream Duffels there are special spots for shoes, clothes, training tools, hair accessories and even snacks. Dream Duffle bags come in several sizes and colors.

Even if you don't want to take the Dream Duffel all the time, a compact but high on utility pack like the Hanging Cosmetic Case makes for a nifty accessory. It is designed to work with the Dream Duffel to provide additional storage and organization for your makeup and hair accessories.

A dance bag looks good, showcases your preparedness and professionalism and is crucial to keep us dancers comfortable. Whether a dance duffle or a suitcase on wheels, a dance bag is one of those tools of the dancing trade that you should carefully choose.

Dancers, Do you have a favorite type of bag? Dance teachers – Do you have tips to offer students when they choose a dance bag?


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