How to Ace The Studio Style with Your Dancewear Wardrobe

by Danielle Hernandez on February 27, 2019


"Whoever said that money couldn't buy happiness, simply didn't know where to go shopping."

Nothing is more depressing than feeling “meh” about your dancewear wardrobe. Especially after the holidays when suddenly you find yourself to be a busy bee, with places to be, faces to see, classes at school, and absolutely no time for multiple daily wardrobe changes.

Thankfully, with athleisure clothing in vogue, it is not impossible to figure out an outfit that is perfect for your dance studio, and also lets you flaunt your style after the class is done.

Your non-dancer friends might have been calling you “bunhead” behind your back, but you really don’t want your attire to scream out loud you are one! What you need is a perfect balance of dancewear and active wear that could transform into the ideal fashion statement with just a few add-ons.

How does one make an excellent dancewear investment that is as fashionable as functional? If your dancewear can be repurposed and worn into multiple different ways and can adapt to fit your unique wardrobe. Literally, you should be able to wear them, all the time, and can pair them with anything.

Most dance studios today allow freedom of choice when it comes to dancewear. However, your dance instructor expects some sensibility when it comes to your choice of attire. Harem pants may be an excellent choice for a belly dancer, but a ballet dancer is doing a complete disservice to her dance practice in them. Reason? You need to work on the line of your legs and body alignment in ballet, and a loose outfit is not going to help in either.

Although the style of dancewear varies according to the different dance types, it is essential that the garments are lightweight, breathable, made with stretchy fabrics which provide dancers with comfort and freedom of movement.

Before we go further, let's dive into popular studio dancewear styles.


Ballet studio dancewear styles

For ballet, the traditional look is a leotard, wrap-around ballet skirt or tutu, and ballet shoes. Most ballet studios have a standard dress code fitted, but comfortable tights and leotards – neither too loose or baggy.


Jazz studio dancewear styles

Jazz dancers have a lot of freedom in styles and color choices. Essentials of a jazz dancer’s wardrobe include leotard with tights or a form-fitting top with jazz pants. Soft, leather jazz shoes are a must-have accessory for jazz dancers.

Modern, Hip Hop, and Other Dance Styles

Dancewear for modern, Hip Hop and other dance styles

Dancewear for modern, Hip Hop and other dance styles do not have a dress code. But dancers still follow one. Modern or lyrical dancers prefer a leotard or a form-fitting top, footless tights or tight, stretchable non-flaring pants. Hip Hop style is all about grunge look, with baggy, loose-fitting clothes. Hip Hop dancers prefer to wear shoes, modern dancers often go barefoot or wear comfortable flats.

Athleisure- The hottest trend in the dancewear world!

Athleisure burst into the lifestyle in a very short period of time. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Athleisure as: “Casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use."

Athleisure is the way dancewear has reached Beyond the Barre. The range primarily consists of trendy clothing that can double as the workout, dancewear and leisure wear. Yoga pants, jogger pants, shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, gym stringers, tanks, sports bras, gym tees, hoodies, sneakers, shoes- the list is endless.

As the world moves to online apps to keep them fit, fitness has become more of a lifestyle than an actively pursued passion for a few hours every day. Innovations in the field of fitness include designs and improved quality of fabrics like spandex, lycra, etc. that helps in boosting the wearer's performance.

Core functionalities that are looked at are sweat absorption capability, extra stretch, and softer feel. The clothing is meant to be so comfortable that casual and leisurewear attire is gradually being replaced with athleisure clothing.

Athleisure is more than a trend. It beautifully combines sports, urban and fashion trends and creates a look that showcases a dancer’s lifestyle. Aesthetics from both sports and fashion clothing come together to create a look that gives sportswear a fashion sense, while fashionwear gets transformed with high-performance functionality.

Brands like Emily Hsu Designs, Honey Cut, Jo & Jax, Noli Yoga and many more are giving the fashion industry a tough time, and spoiling dancers with enticing choices. While fashion focuses more on the trends and less on the comfort and functionality, the clothing from what we call our “ Beyond the Barre" range is all about cutting-edge innovation to enhance performance as well as provide maximum comfort.

For dancers, athleisure brings a positive and refreshing change to their dancewear wardrobe. Move over traditional clothing that was mostly confined to dance bags and dance studios. In comes a range of comfortable clothes and shoes that look as wearable to a party or street as they do on a dance floor. Check out our Winter Wardrobe essentials, and the hottest list is out now!

In today’s Snap Chat and Instagram friendly generation, the range from Beyond the Barre collection spells a dancer’s choice of a healthy lifestyle and wellness mindset.

How to Rock the Studio Style With Athleisure

“Dress up to be stylish, dress down to be comfy” has been the mantra for fashion followers for ages. Time to throw this rule out the window. You can create fantastic studio fashion looks with just a few bits and pieces of athleisure in your wardrobe.

Pair a leotard with these Leggings by Emily Hsu and electrify your daily dance routine. Going out for a party after your class? Team this up with your comfiest shoes to rest those toes, black shades and a stylish cap, a perfect balance between runway- ready and low-key aesthetics.

 Leggings by Emily Hsu

Another rule in fashion is you can not wear a single outfit day in and day out. We will let you decide on this one. Edgy, yet elegant, the Honey Cut Margeaux 2 bra top has an enchanting back, simple neckline and combines form and function in the best way, both on and off the dance floor.

Honey Cut Margeaux 2 Bra Top

Team it up with leggings, tights, for a hard day of dance at the studio, or take it to the party at your best friend's home with a cool leather jacket, red lipstick. However, pick trainers or heels, for your footwear- we leave it up to you.

Wearing leggings in public is a social faux pas. The third rule of fashion is just about to be shattered to smithereens. Dancers can easily camouflage training attire as an everyday fashion statement. And the best part is "every day" need not be "boring" at all! Like this Noli Yoga “Liquid” Legging in stunning blue or black, teamed up with Honey Cut Competition Halter.

 Honey Cut Competition Halter & Noli Yoga “Liquid” Legging

Add a mesh top or a cute tee to complete the look! How about going through the latest color trends that are dominating the runway in 2019? Stay ahead of the pack. Read now!

Pairing the right colors is the only way to look fashionably coordinated. Here is how you can go completely monochrome and yet rock your style without batting an eyelid.

Take Ainsliewear “Bryn” Leotard with Mesh back that feels deliciously unrestricted yet classy with the high-necked zip front and team it up with black hot pants in leather or a simple wrap around mini skirt. Get into your take on “ little black dress" with some high socks and black lace-up boots. You can not do a faster transition from in-studio to outdoors than this monochrome masterpiece.

Check these stunning color block looks created with black and white!

Choose your prints wisely, and print is not for everyone, everywhere. We beg to differ, as we are stunned by this amazing fashion statement of a pair of legging by Noli Yoga with floral and serpents detailing look amazing with a black bra top, or a casual tee.

It is truly incredible how you can trade out things from your dance bag and create your own studio to street style. And the greatest news for dancers? Your wardrobe options just more than doubled!

As Deirdre Clemente, professor of history, University of Nevada, Las Vegas puts it.

“Athleisure is the new casual."

The time now to update your wardrobe! Go Shopping! Liked our ideas? Leave your comments on how you plan to ace your studio style! Join us on Instagram and share how you do it with the dancing world!


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