High school and college competition dancewear

by Danielle Hernandez on April 25, 2018

Top college dancewear trends that you should know about

Dance is an art form that can be picked up at a very early age and many students do develop an interest for various genres of dance, thanks to the exposure and opportunities at school and college.

Events like Homecoming and Prom are the most awaited ones in the school calendar where students can polish their dancing skills and ‘dress'. These events also form best memories of the wonder years.

While high school is the perfect induction into dance, the college experience with dance can lay the right foundation for students who want to pursue this art form.

The transition from high school to college dance can be both exciting and challenging. Cheer-leading squads in colleges are highly popular and getting a place into the squad is a matter of pride.

College is also a place that serves as a great opportunity to experience competitive dancing and to be part of a team.

Dancewear for high school and college

While representing your high school or college dance team, the joy and pride of wearing the dance competition uniform is surely an important part of student life. Reminiscing those performances sometime later down the years by safely storing the dance costumes is worth the effort.

Dancewear in high schools and colleges have been greatly inspired by popular trends, that even include dance- based movies. An example that comes to mind is the timeless classic, Flashdance where Jennifer Beals inspired every new aspiring dancer with the effortless style and grace in just black leotards and leg warmers.

In the 80's dancewear fashion was mainly focused on leotards, legwarmers, headbands and funky hairdos, that ruled the fashion scene in colleges.

Another iconic movie that is based on dance is Center Stage. This movie is arguably every young ballerina's inspiration in the early 2000's. One can never forget how Jody Sawyer's leotard magically changed color and her hair braids itself as she danced to Michael Jackson.

The StepUp series of movies is also inspirational in terms of the choreography, plot, the dance battles and of course the dancewear featured in it.

Movies, were thus a great source of inspiration in the 80's, 90's and through 2000. However, the internet revolution changed everything.

Dancers in colleges and high schools find inspiration through various mediums like Fashion Blogs & Video Blogs, Social Media, YouTube, Pop culture, Movies & Music, Television, Video sharing- the possibilities are limitless.

Due to the constant and wide exposure to media, students themselves are aware and are actively creating their own style of dancewear that stands out among the competition.

Trends in High School and College dancewear :

While there are many popular trends in dancewear fashion and styling across dance forms, there are few essentials that are must haves in every school and college student's dance wardrobe

Leotards : A leotard is a versatile piece of dancewear that can be worn at any age. Be it a classic or a modern look, a pair of well fitted leotards can never be a wrong choice. Leotards enhance the dancer's body and provides fluidity essential for the dance moves.

A leotard is a hot favorite among high school and college dance teams because of its minimal yet sophisticated look. There are a variety of leotards that you can buy depending on the theme and budget – from a basic camisole leotard to leotards with adjustable straps, which are ideal for younger children.

Printed and embellished leotards are popular among college dancers and the ones looking at moving to the next professional level.

Mesh & Lace : Mesh and Lace add a new dimension to the dancewear, making it dreamy, yet practical. This mid length mesh skirt, has a beautiful high low pattern, adding to the grace to the dancers' moves and silhouette.
Another favorite at competitions is the High-Low Lace Dance dress. If you want to create a lasting impression, invest in the winning ensemble.

Leggings : Vibrant colors, geometric and landscape prints on Leggings are a runaway hit among college dance teams. Their 4-way stretch offers movement and support and a seamless high waist creates a smooth line and can also be folded over fabric molds to your body as you sweat and is quick-drying.

Custom team apparel : College dance teams and dance studios are increasingly seeking to source custom dance uniforms dance teams and studios. Digitized logos of the dance teams are created by either using silkscreen or rhinestone embellishment. Color changing crystals are a hot favorite among cheer-leading squads.

Dance Bags : Bags are an important accessory to complete the look for any dancer. A dance bag is essential for high school and college dance competitions, in the sense that it looks good, keeps all your clothes and accessories in place, especially considering the confusion that arises when you have many students converge at the venue.

Among a plethora of options available, The Dream Duffel, is a dance bag that is uniquely designed for dancers and is perfect for every occasion – be it rehearsals or the competition day.

If you are traveling out of town for a dance competition, a bag with wheels is a huge plus. Invest in a Rac N Roll suitcase which will never go out of style.

The Dream Duffel® garment bags can be used for storing, protecting, and transporting stage costumes. Also, zippered pockets allow you to keep shoes and other accessories organized with the outfit ensuring you never lose the perfectly matched accessories you worked so hard to get your hands on

Make-Up & Accessories : The perfect dance look isn't complete without the right make up and accessory. There are many options to accessorize your outfit for a college dance competition.
Among these colorful hair ties, embellished and crystals bows are perfect to keep the hair in place and complete the look.

Tips to prepare for high school dance competitions : As the competition dates draws closer and you get busy with the preparations, few things that can help you and your troupe stay organized and focused.

Create a checklist: Prepare a detailed list as a lead up to the competition.

Dress Rehearsals: Dance rehearsals are not complete without a complete dress rehearsal. Plan for at least two such rehearsals with a good gap leading up to the competition day, so that if there are any alterations, you have sufficient time to plan and make the changes

Have a Plan B: There are many things that can go wrong on the competition day. Hence a plan B is very essential. Something like forgetting an accessory, a bad hair day or even forgetting a prop, can dampen the spirits and lower the confidence.

Be punctual: Reaching the venue of the dance competition on time is very essential to ensure you have sufficient time to register and catch a breath before you get on with the competition.

Enjoy the competition experience: Once you have put on your competition dancewear and the makeup to go with it, just focus on how to give your best on stage. Smile and enjoy the music, while you dance with your heart.


From storming the fields to entertaining the audience at your high school, dance teams and cheerleader squads need to use dance and athletics in a healthy meaningful manner. Do keep in mind that these roles are often inspirational to countless young girls and boys and apart from those awesome dance moves and routines, showcase respect and commitment every step of the way. The On1Dancewear store has a range of trendy and comfortable dancewear for high school and college students and teams Contact us or meet us at the store, we would love to help you!


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