Halloween Costume Ideas for Dancers!

by Danielle Hernandez on October 10, 2018

 With falling leaves and bright orange pumpkins around, Halloween can't be far away. Are you super excited for Halloween? Or are you too busy rehearsing for Nutcracker/Regional/ attending classes at school? If you are too busy in all the above to care, here are a few ideas from On1dancwear, specially curated for you!

While dance studio owners and instructors are looking for new and innovative ways to get their proteges to sway in Halloween spirit, dance moms are also scouting for ideas that have never been used before. Here are some cool Halloween costume ideas for dancers, be it for a party or a group dance event.

Some of these costumes are DIY from stuff you already have in your drawers. But for some, why not buy something that can look stylish in the studio after Halloween celebrations?

As someone who eats, breathes and lives dance, you may have already done the usual Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga zombies back from the dead in the past few years. Let’s try to do something new!

Pick a Character from Famous Shows

Pick a character from famous shows

Only dancers could look so good in head-to-toe spandex like these, and you can! Just rummage through your dance drawer and find some funky leotards and leggings. Alex, Kiki, Tess or Gloria from Flash-dance or any character from GLEE, pick up your favorite character and, you can rock the look with some chic fishnet stockings and funky leotards, or grunge look with hip-hop accessories. If you feel cold with the nip in the air, layer yourself up with one of the shrugs from On1Dancewear’s Collection!

Dancers already have all-black everything, so you could try this one- a black beanie with a headband with cat ears, a pencil liner to draw a nose and whiskers, use one leg of an old pair of tights stuffed with cotton to make tail and your cute little black cat from CATS at Broadway is ready!

A classic black suit with your killer dance moves can be the best group Halloween costume idea- move around like The Mob from Step Up Revolution. Grey Blazer and sweater vest, and you could be the part of Matilda the Musical as Revolting Children. The Bellas from pitch perfect could be an ideal inspiration too!

Creating Maddie Ziegler look with a nude Leo, white wig and almost white makeup, and you are ready to rock the Halloween party!

Try to create a character from “The Nutcracker” like sugar plum fairy with these wonderful ideas.

Dress like Dance Icons

Dress like dance icons

Martha Graham, anyone? Dress your little one in a skirt a leotard and some 50s style hair, and you have your very own contemporary dance icon ready for Halloween.

Alwin Nikolai's imaginative costumes can be replicated with some color block clothing like this leotard and some accessories, a white painted face and a fashionable and funky hat that can be crafted from Styrofoam cups.

A flamenco dancer like Sara Baras or the famous Carmen Amaya is easy, with a flamenco skirt and any frilled sleeves top that you may have.

Rock the party with a belly dancer fashioned with this asymmetrical skirt and lace top worn to perfection with some glittering accessories.

Ballerinas! If you look up to Gelsey Kirkland as your idol, dress up in a matching leotard and skirt like her, and create the perfect Halloween look with your favorite ballet legend as inspiration!

An all-white look a-la Balanchine’s is also easy to create with classic white Leo, white ballet skirt, pink tights!

If nothing else, try a zombie ballerina look with one of your old ballet costumes. Use some fake blood, paint your face freaky white and a dirty costume and create a zombie ballerina look!

Pick up some Ideas from the Latest Movies

Pick up some ideas from the latest movies

If you are a movie buff, here are some of the most recent characters for a never-before Halloween costume.

Ron Stallworth, the first black detective from the movie BlacKkKlansman – a jacket, printed shirt, afro wig, and you are ready!

Roxanne Shante from Roxanne Roxanne – Straight hair, jacket, and sleek rapper look.

A hoodie jacket and dark clothes, mask to cover your face for the look from Unfriended- The Dark Web

Though it is going to be the most copied look of this Halloween season, I can't help but mention " The Ant-Man and the Wasp" or the monster from “The Quiet Place”- looks that you can create without giving a second thought.

A red hoodie sweatshirt, unkempt blond hair could make you look scarier on a Halloween night like the horror flick " Hereditary." Any character from the movie "Black Panther" is just perfect for a Halloween costume.

Halloween is all about drama and fun. It's the time of year when the festivities begin and holiday season kicks in with full enthusiasm. Apart from Halloween costumes, don't forget hair accessories, makeup like blue, dramatic eye shadows, dark lipsticks, and glitter to create a glam look.

You can create many favorite Halloween costumes like Witch, Wonder Woman, Barbie or an angel with tutus, leotards, shorts and some accessories.

If you still don’t know what to do for your Halloween party, don’t panic! Start looking for inspiration at www.on1dancewear.com today. Whether you are heading to a party, dressing up for technique class or doing some good old’ trick-or-treating, there are numerous costume options! The best part is, you already have the basic pieces lying in your closet, and for the rest, shop today, and go crazy, let the holiday season waltz into your lives with loved ones around!


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