Fashion Alert! Top Trending Hues in Dancewear this Fall/Winter Season

by Danielle Hernandez on December 24, 2018

 Fall –Winter 2018-19 collection is all about Reagen –era fashion with a modern twist, with highly attention-grabbing hues and prints trending for the season in dancewear too! Don't miss the exciting prints and timeless fashion that is becoming trendy again this season, create your own unique look to shock, surprise, awe and feel beautiful while you are on the dance floor!

Fashion has always been a reflection of cultural shifts, ideas, and events. The United States is having its 80s moments in almost all spheres of society- with pop music still finding its way onto billboard 100 charts.

Fall –Winter 2018-19 collection is all about Reagen –era fashion with a modern twist, with highly attention-grabbing hues and prints trending for the season in dancewear too!

From winter blues to vibrant autumnal hues, deep and rich tones to shades of white, from futuristic metallics to blaring neons, every color trend in dancewear is making an effort to bring some dazzle, shimmer, and color to the gloomy and cold days ahead!

Don't miss the exciting prints and timeless fashion that is becoming trendy again this season, create your unique look to shock, surprise, awe and feel beautiful while you are on the dance floor!

Go ahead as its time to update both your calendars and dancewear wardrobe.

Top Colors of FW-2018-19

The top 10 fashionable colors that compose the primary palette of the FW 2018-19 dancewear collections are here to wow you. Look out for these shades in our store and also read on for our tips on how to wear them when you come back from the holidays. Warm and autumnal tones alternate with vibrant and robust hues much loved by millennials. This season's colors combine classicism with colorful expression.

Some unexpected shades complement bold palette of autumnal hues. The colors for Fall/Winter 2018 express the need for individuality, ingenuity, and creativity- the hallmark of any passionate dancer. Some unexpected shades relegated to summer are also a part of this season's "IT" trend, and prints are back in fashion too! That doesn't mean that stand alone hues are out. The tones that are strong enough in their own right are also in trend to make clear and specific color statements on their own.

      1. Red Pear- Beautiful, deliciously rich red color is just one shade shy of maroon. It would work best as a base for a pattern, a stunning nail color, a hair accessory, leg warmers, or any of the million different options in between. Like this stunning Capezio Camisole Adjustable Strap Leotard

        red pear

      2.  Valiant Poppy- Vibrant red is strikingly deep and any dancewear piece made using this color will ooze the fading warmth of fall. Check out this beautiful "Stained Glass” Worship Dance Dress that cleverly uses the metallic tone with vibrant red color.

        valiant poppy

      3. Nebulas Blue- Look at the sky for inspiration, and the color that winks through the tops of the trees in the early evening is out there to inspire your dancewear wardrobe choices this season. You can include it in patterns or prints too! Check out these fantastic blue pieces from on1dancewear’s galaxy of dancewear.


      4. Ceylon Yellow- With a healthy dose of green and spicy mustard, this color will top the fashion runway charts as the most preferred color tone for accent pieces.
      5. Martini Olive-Contrary to most winter shades of green, Martini olive is not too dark, deep r dismal, and it is the perfect shade to lighten up this season’s palette. This Bodywrapper’s Custom Prowear Straight Leg Pant is just the right choice.

        Martini Olive

      6. Russet Orange- One of the brightest fall 2018 colors, it mimics fallen leaves. It is an excellent hue to brighten up the dull winter days and can be used in multiple ways in dancewear, accessories, bags and more. Just a little dash of an orange stripe with purple has given this Motionwear Gymnastics Tank Leotard a unique, cheerful character!

        russet orange

      7. Ultraviolet- Pure purple without too much of its base colors, a perfectly blended shade with depth as well as softness. The color is as imaginative as inventive and can be paired successfully with any fall and winter shades. Motionwear Empire Banded Leotard in ultraviolet purple or the Energy Dance Team Camisole Bra Top in violet hues matched with lime-green color shorts are sure to brighten your wintery dance sessions.


      8. Crocus petal- Most romantic colors of the season. This color debuts in Fall/Winter collections despite being termed as a spring or summer color. But for ballerinas, this color brings amazing possibilities with its soft touch of purple reminiscent of last spring blooms in the middle of the winter. If winter is here, can spring be far away? This Chiffon Tri-Color Tutu creates the perfect look for little ballerinas.

        Crocus petal

      9. Limelight- Lightest and brightest of the colors in fall palette, which is just a touch more brilliant than the yellow of fallen leaves, while not bordering towards funky neons. Like this Motionwear pull on Wrap Skirt, that can be worn over a pair of leggings.


      10. Quetzal Green- Truest epitome of bright yet deep- like a perfect pirouette. A sensational mix of blues and greens to create shade so unique that it can't be anything less than ideal. Include this Canvas Bag in this trendy hue -with the perfect message, Do It Big, Do It Right for snugly organizing your dancewear and accessories.

        Quetzal Green

      11. .

Other Fall/Winter style trends to watch out for

Prints are in – in a big way

Prints are back and don't shy away from pairing them with all your solid color items. Try out the full print look with this Ainsliewear Zip Front Leotard with Paris Print or go all trendy with almost all shades of the season in this Sunset Legging by Emily Hsu



Leopard prints are in too! Check out this amazing  Grand Prix Girls’ Colibri Barbie Latin Dress in a winter-worthy darker hue.

darker hue

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Tips to incorporate fashion trends into your dancewear wardrobe

      1. Color block judiciously
      2. Ballet trend is still in, make the most of it by using bodysuits, unitards, and leotards in bright colors.
      3. The best way to brighten up your winder dancewear wardrobe is by using leggings, wraps, shrugs, and bodywarmers in different shades.
      4. Tights in all hues are your best buddies, grab them!

For more such details, do read our top winter fashion trends in dancewear this season.

Before you reach into the Christmas cookie jar for another cookie, remember, that the dance season is just around the corner, and you will need to update your wardrobe with the trendy colors and shades when you come back from your Christmas break. Retail Therapy, anyone?


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