Dancer's Dozen : The Ultimate Holiday Gift Ideas

by Danielle Hernandez on October 24, 2018

The season of gift exchanges, secret Santa and stocking stuffers is here!  If you have a very special dancer in your life, we have got you covered!  Here are our favorite holiday gift ideas. If you are a dancer expecting your loved ones to know what you want as a gift, taking a print of this blog and sticking it somewhere so they notice isn't a bad idea either ;-)

On1dancewear has some of the best gift suggestions for you, the dancer and the dancers in your lives.

Take your pick!

1. Stay Hydrated with these trendy Water Bottles!

Stay hydrated with these trendy water bottles!

Thirst quenchers or trend-setters, you can never go wrong with a water bottle when it comes to a dancer. No dancer leaves home without one bottle to swig through the practices and rehearsals. These trendy water bottles make for a great holiday gift for a dancer. There are versions with motivational quotes like this Balanchine Bottle & Towel set that says “Sweat before Beauty” or these neat ones like this Covet Dance’s Tumbler that can be personalized.

There are tonnes of variants to choose from with fantastic prices and deals!

1) Covet Dance "I Can't I Have Dance"-Water Bottle

2) Covet Dance "The Body Says What Word Cannot" Tumbler

3) Covet Dance "Barre Babe" Water Bottle

4) I Speak Bunhead-Water Bottle

2. Hold-it-all Bags

Hold-it-all Bags

A dance bag is one thing that you can buy for a dancer and rest assured they will use it all the time. Bags big enough to fit all of their equipment and dresses, and still have space to remind them of the person who got it for them every time they go to class.

Some of these designs have motivating quotes that are inevitably going to bring a smile on their faces after a grueling session!

1) Gaynor Minden- Ultimate Studio Bag

2) Dancer Duffle Bag

3) Start Somewhere-Canvas Bag

4) Do It Big Do It Right-Canvas Bag

5) Learn The Rules Like A Pro-Canvas Bag

6) Canvas Cosmetic Bag-Raymond Chandler Quote

7) Canvas Cosmetic Bag-Coco Chanel Quote


3. Jewelry


Whether it’s a  necklace with a dancing ballerina pendant studded with gems from American Dance Supply,  or this cute Ballet Slipper Necklace with pretty-in-pink stones, also from American Dance Supply- silver jewels is a fantastic gift for a little lady dancer. The reason? It matches just about everything, and these jewelry pieces are a great accent for dancers of all ages. Every dancer would enjoy getting this gift this holiday season.

The lightweight ballerina necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry is a perfect gift even during a dance recital, secret Santa, and before their Nutcracker's performance. Or just because you are proud of them.

1) Multi-Stone Ballet Necklace

2) Ballerina Necklace By American Dance Supply

3) Ballet Slipper Necklace By American Dance Supply


4. Jewelry Holders and Treasure Boxes

Jewelry holders and treasure boxes

Since jewelry usually is not worn during dance sessions, most dancers have nifty little jewelry boxes or jewelry holders in their dance bags. Fashioned like a dancer, this Bunheads Jewelry holder will help them to keep their jewelry safe and easy to find. The Capezio ring holder helps in keeping all the rings in one place.

To own a musical ballerina jewelry box is a centuries-old tradition among dancers. With a built-in mirror, a treasure box will make a gift cherished for a long time. With the dancing ballerina on the top, your dancer will spend hours spinning to the music like the ballerina inside.

1) Capezio Ring Holder

2) Bunheads Jewelry Holder

3) Music Jewelry Box


5. Keychains - Stocking Fillers and Secret Santa Gifts:

Keychains - stocking fillers and secret Santa gifts:

Looking for something to gift at secret Santa event at your studio? Or some handy stocking fillers, or a good-luck charm pre-performance, these will surely put a smile on their face. A neat gift that you can add on to and is suitable for every special occasion for your dancer. It is small, and perfect because it’s something that they can use every day.

1) So Danca Pointe Shoe Key Chain

2) Tutu Key Chain

3) Latin Dance Shoe Key Chain

4) Teddy Bear Keychain

5) Crystal Ballerina Key Chain

6) Crsyral Cat's Eye Key Chain


6. Dancers Umbrella

Dancers umbrella

 Beautiful ballerina print umbrellas in large size with automatic open function. Compact enough to snugly fit into their dance bags. The high-quality umbrella by Rainstoppers has a metal shaft, ribs and plastic tips for added safety. Perfect for little ballerinas.

1) Degas Umbrella

2) Ballerina Umbrella


7. Plush Toys

Plush toys

A cute little teddy bear ballerina doll? Or plush ballerina dolls? The look-alike of a little ballerina is perfect gifts for little girls.  Gift them to dancers so they can have fun at their next dancing themed party, or anytime they want to have a good time.

1) Teddy bear ballerina doll

2) Plush ballerina dolls

8. Conditioning and Technique Accessories

Conditioning and technique accessories

Who better than the physical therapists at NYC Ballet when it comes to intelligent cross-training for dancers? Gaynor Minden Dancer’s Dozen is a booklet of 13 exercises and two resistance bands for that perfect Pointe. An excellent way to show you care about your favorite dancer's wellness. There are other gifts too, like Ballet Strap, flexibility bands, and other conditioning and technique accessories that make excellent gift choices for dancers.

9. Magnets  


An  excellent recital gift, stocking filler, secret Santa gift, the dancers who get these gifts are going to love the motivational quotes, trendy designs; these are the perfect choices for dancers

1) Dancer Magnet

2) Epoxy Magnet Set

3) Chit Chat Magnets


10. Mugs


Cute and a great gift for gymnasts or dancers, who are aware of early mornings and late nights. A mug that can hold tea or coffee or hot cocoa can help on the days they are rushing and are on the go, and need a little perk-me-up!

This nutcracker mug set is a perfect holiday gift

1) Nutcracker Mug Set

11. Books


For serious dancers, a book to curl up with is a great gift idea. Any dancer who wants to know more about conditioning, technique and even about dance forms would love these books. These books can help them immerse in dance and even think outside the box. An inspiring gift and collector’s item that pushes them farther in their dance journey.

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12. Nutcracker Specials!

Nutcracker specials!

Nutcracker gives a whole new direction to a dancer's career. The holiday season is perfect for nutcracker recitals. The dancers, prepping up for Nutcracker. Check out the nutcracker specials too to gift to your little ballerina before or after a perfect performance!

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Ask any dancer. Dancing is a way of life for most dancers and is a growing passion. Irrespective of age, dancers will enjoy the thoughtfulness in the form of holiday gifts they receive. Apart from dancewear and accessories, which make for a great gift option for every occasion, as holiday season and Christmas rolls around, you can show how much you love and support them in their art with these gifts. Choose from a range of options for people on a budget to those who can spend a little more! There is something for everyone at


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