Ballet Foot Stretchers for Dancers - How to Use and its Advantages

by Danielle Hernandez on December 08, 2017

A ballet foot stretcher not only stretches your feet to make them flexible, but they also hold your feet in the pointed position. It also strengthens your feet so you can maintain the pointed position.

Ballet Foot Stretcher for Dancers

How Does a Ballet Foot Stretcher Work?

The Ballet Foot Stretch is a protected ergonomic design with two supporting curves:

  • The main upward curve which underpins the curve of the foot; and,
  • The second upward curve behind the heel container base, which bolsters the back piece of the heel joint (astragalus-calcaneus-tibia) amid stretching.

After setting your foot on a gadget and painstakingly stretching the leg and squeezing the front piece of the foot downwards with the elastic band, a twofold upward counterforce with the two high-angled supporting curves is delivered.

As such, stretching down the cutting edge of the foot, with the second curve, the heel weight is assuaged significantly because of the current curve steadily pushes the feet upwards and outwards. This "holding" of the astragalus-calcaneus joint is a heel pushing forward activity, like a self-footing move in physiotherapy.

How to Use a Ballet Foot Stretcher

The two high curves go about as an "extension bolster" for both foot curve and lower leg, circulating weight all the more equally all through the back piece of the lower leg. This decreases over-burden, and anticipates back impingement, particularly on the heel zone (tibia-astragalus-calcaneus).

With a bowed knee, put the tip of the toes underneath the moved elastic.

With the two hands, unroll the elastic over the foot, stretching it to the most extreme so it can cover the entire upper piece of the foot.

How to Wear Ballet Foot Stretchers

As you put on the elastic, put the heel on the comparing base of the foot stretcher (right heel for the left base, left heel for right base). It is vital that one gets a tight fit into the elastic, ensuring that the underside of the foot is in contact with the curves of the base.

The rubber pad connectors raise the base level of the heel measure of the foot stretcher, expanding the level of push the elastic can give against the foot. Consequently, this enhances the adaptability, line, and alignment of the foot.

The utilization of the pad just fits as a dynamic following stage for the client who has just worked principally for a specific timeframe with the foot stretcher. The rubber pad likewise can be utilized to encourage singular foot alterations for more noteworthy solace and simplicity.

Advantages of Ballet Foot Stretcher

Advantages of Ballet Foot Stretchers

If you incorporate a delicate session of foot stretching in your warm-up before class, with the Ballet Foot Stretch, your feet will feel more elastic and warm and prepared to begin and move full-out.

Ballet Foot Stretch offers a profoundly unique and active stretch for your feet. It will profit the elasticity and scope of movement of the whole leg, from the foot and knee to the hip.

Please note that hard or potentially elusive move floors, the absence of warm-up before preparing, the improper shoe wear, poor nourishment, and so forth should be avoided for the maximum benefit of your footwear.


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