16 Tips to Help you Make a Rocking Start Back to School

by Danielle Hernandez on September 27, 2018


As we move into fall, students are getting all excited for back-to-school days. To help you make sense of all the excitement surrounding back to school, and still keep your sanity intact, here are some tips that will help you get a rocking start to your new school and dance year.

The magical summer is over, and its back to school as well as back to dance! Time to get back into work mode again.

The beginning of a school year is a mix of emotions. It's exciting as well as overwhelming at the same time. While summertime gave both teachers, parents, and students a much needed time to relax and recharge, and get set for the next school year.

As we move into fall, students are getting all excited for back-to-school days. The idea of starting a new grade, meeting friends, new teachers, new books and make some new friends too. Back to school time is a big transition, not only for children but parents also!

To help you make sense of all the excitement surrounding back to school, and still keep your sanity intact, here are some tips that will help you get a rocking start to your new school year

1.  Get Back to your School Routine -

You will have less stressful school mornings if you make your kids get into the regular bedtime and morning time routine, at least a week before school starts.

Get back to your school routine

2.  Start your Back-to-Dance Routine -

Get back to your dance routine ahead of school. Start your classes a few days before your school to help you ease into a routine, one at a time. Pick these super comfy So Danca Children’s convertible tights under BOGO offer, get 10% off if you pick 3 of these beauties!

Start your back-to-dance routine

3.  Set up a Homework Plan -

Designate a time and place where your children can do their homework each day. Make sure to choose a time which matches with their school time.

Set up a homework plan

4.  Re-Establish Schedules -

To help your children practice their daily school routine, start by waking them up at the same time, eat around the same time, and send them for some activity during the same time they would be at school. A well-planned schedule helps kids ease into their school routine without feeling tired, drained or sleepy.

5.  Wean them off from TV, Video Games and Gadgets -

Since it was summer, you allowed them to get into the passive mode and maybe have extra screen time. Time to pull it back to regular hours which they are allowed to during the time they are in school. Encourage them to read books, or play quietly.

6.  Sit Down and Review School Material and Information Together -

At least a week ahead of the back-to-school day, parents get information regarding new teachers, dates to remember and emergency numbers etc.Sit with your child and make a note of all the info, mark dates in a calendar and plan your schedules accordingly. Help them work on their fears and anxieties. When kids are starting their dance classes, make sure they stay comfortable and snug in these Bloch Performa Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoe.

When your kids are taking baby steps towards their dance routine, these will provide them added stretch and comfort to motivate them to work harder.

7.  Get your Child's Yearly Checkup -

With summer and its allergies behind us, remember that school and germs go hand in hand, so its best to get your child's checkup done now before the school starts. Check about vaccinations due with your pediatrician and get them administered if prescribed before back –to school.

8.  Shop for School Supplies Together -

Your child is supercharged about starting a new grade, sit down with them and shop for what they would need. With fall setting in, give them options like these cozy knitwear which will be a great addition to their wardrobe. And if your child is already learning dance or is going to start this year, these will help them keep snug and warm before their practices. Allow them to pick out their stuff.

Shop for school supplies together

9.  Remember to Stock up on your Dance Supplies too -

While you are shopping for school supplies, make sure your dance supplies are stocked up too. Between school, classes, and after-school activities, you may not find time to shop for your pointe shoes. Or these Bloch Elastabootie Adult Jazz shoes for the growing feet of your little dancer.

Remember to stock up on your dance supplies too

10.  Help them Get Organized -

If you are organized, you will not be stressed at all when the D-day arrives. File away all the paperwork like permission slips, fee receipts, photographs, etc. in a place you can find them without any hassle. Replace old backpacks with ones that are sturdy, ergonomic and kid-friendly. For kids who have tonnes of things to do after school, this handy 12 pocket Gaynor Minden- Ultimate Studio Bag is just perfect.  It can carry a whole lot of stuff, and its pockets help keep your child organized the entire day.

11.  Plan for an After-School Program - 

If your child is interested in learning dance, the time to scout for an after-school dance class is now. Give a great start to your child's back-to-school time. Keeping another activity to do after school will help you organize your child's time well, and they can cope better when a routine is in place.

Buy these sleek and shimmering Love Pastry Youth Pop Tart Glitter Sneaker Shoes that come in 7 color combinations and can suit every occasion, easing your child from dance to school and back in no time.

Plan for an after-school program

12.  Help Shift your Child into Scholar Mode -

Encourage your kids to read at least one book before the school begins. Take them to a museum or a dance performance to bring them into work mode. Get these unique Bloch Respect Ladies Tap Shoes to create the perfect studious look that can take them back to school and then on to their jazz class in a breeze. Help them make a transition from the relaxed home atmosphere to high energy scholarly environment of the school.

Help shift your child into scholar mode

13.  Set Ground Rules for Family Time -

Communicate with your children. Discuss their expectations on the first day after the break at school. Set a family time when the family comes together, talks and shares how their day went.

Set ground rules for family time

14.  Teach your Kids to Prioritize and Make Lists -

Keep a list of things to be done, and ask your child to do the same. Ask them to prepare of list of things that they want to buy or places they want to visit before school begins. This habit will serve them well when planning to allocate time for homework, extracurricular, and school assignments.

15.  Meet the New Teacher -

If possible, break the ice early and calm your child’s fear by taking him/her to meet the new teacher. If there is an open house or back-to-school night, take your child to attend the same. When children can put a face to a name, it will help reduce their first day jitters.

Meet the new teacher

16.  Tour the School -

For younger kids, taking them to an open house should work. For older kids, ask them to give you a tour of their school. It will help them refresh their memories and reduce the first-day nervousness.

17.  Encourage your Child to Connect with Friends -

Ask your child to call over all his school friends for an end of summer play date, or plan a get together outside. This will help you reconnect with other parents and make the transition to school easier. You can use this opportunity to discuss matters like dance classes, schedules, and carpool. This Double Layer High- Low Skirt with a great looking top makes for a great contemporary ensemble!

18.  Make Smart Choices -

Once the school starts, kids will hardly have time to rush from one activity to another. Add to it the pressure to be a part of the "IT" crowd, your kids, especially girls would want to have some statement pieces of clothing like these Honeycut Geo Leotard Youth in drop-dead gorgeous look, style, color & design. These beautiful leotards by So Danca Polina Tank Leotards will help them stand out in their dance class.

Kids today have a lot of stressful moments. Make smart choices! Like this Woven Reversible Headband, that can take your little dancer from school to dance practice without wasting a single minute!

19.  Set an Example - 

You need to support your kids while they are learning to become more organized. Set a good example by bringing these habits in your own life. If kids see you making a to-do list of your own, laying out your clothes for the next day, they will start following soon.

Back-to-School is an exciting time for both parents and kids. But it comes with a lot of decisions and choices, paperwork, and rushing into one activity from another. Beit required or elective classes, or preparing for the homecoming dance, or extracurricular activities like sports, newspaper or cheer-leading squad; you need to make sure that your child can have a rocking start to the new school year. To help you balance both school and dance, we have some tips that can help you and your child sail through the year with ease.



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