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Must have Dancewear for the Recital Season

Recital season has arrived and you'll soon be stocking up for all your recital must haves!

Here is what On 1 Dancewear suggest you have in your dance bag this recital season. 



-You will need a good supply of hair pins, hair nets and a great bun maker for keeping your hair in place while performing.

-Gold and silver hair glitter gives your hair the perfect amount of sheen and sparkle making it glow under the stage lights. 

-Bunheads Knot Keepers are great for keeping pointe shoe ribbons in place.

- Swarovksy crystal performance earrings are a must have! They come in a variety of sizes and colors and give you that extra stage glamour. 

- A well made costume undergarment by Bodywrappers, Capezio or Motionwear are the best. They have full leotards, clear strap bras, shorts and underwear to give you extra support under your costumes.

- If you have a few dances a garment bag will suit you, but if you have several consider investing in a Dream Duffel which can carry you for length of your dance career!

Stayed tuned for next weeks Blog on Recital Must Haves! 

Happy Dancing!

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