Must have Dancewear for the Recital Season

by Danielle Hernandez on May 05, 2014

Recital season has arrived and you'll soon be stocking up for all your recital must haves!

Here is what On 1 Dancewear suggest you have in your dance bag this recital season. 



-You will need a good supply of hair pins, hair nets and a great bun maker for keeping your hair in place while performing.

-Gold and silver hair glitter gives your hair the perfect amount of sheen and sparkle making it glow under the stage lights. 

-Bunheads Knot Keepers are great for keeping pointe shoe ribbons in place.

- Swarovksy crystal performance earrings are a must have! They come in a variety of sizes and colors and give you that extra stage glamour. 

- A well made costume undergarment by Bodywrappers, Capezio or Motionwear are the best. They have full leotards, clear strap bras, shorts and underwear to give you extra support under your costumes.

- If you have a few dances a garment bag will suit you, but if you have several consider investing in a Dream Duffel which can carry you for length of your dance career!

Stayed tuned for next weeks Blog on Recital Must Haves! 

Happy Dancing!


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