Bloch Annabella Latin Practice Shoe
Bloch Annabella Latin Practice Shoe

    Bloch Annabella Latin Practice Shoe


    Annabella is a delightfully lightweight practice shoe with a crossed open-toe design and low wide heel. Elegant and classic light Latin Salsa shoe with a 1.5 inch sleek heel. Light and functional practice shoe designed for the social dancer, students and teaching professionals. Also suitable for social ballroom dancing.

    • Flexible suede sole gives greater ability to point and flex and is perfect for spins, slides and turns
    • Padded insole offers extra cushioning
    • Comfortable and absorbent microfibre lining
    • Full heel cup and adjustable ankle strap for greater security, stability and support
    • Soft and strong leather upper with covered leather heel
    • The slim, tapered heel is elegant and placed in the middle of the heel for stability
    • The flexible outsole and crossed open toe design move with the foot when pointing and the full heel cup offers support
    • Suede outsole, perfect for turns and slides
    • Pin buckle fastening
    • Cushioned insole for comfort, shock absorption and to protect the metatarsals
    • The low wide heel offers stability and also makes this a great shoe for dance styles like swing