Beyond Dance @ Bergen PAS

 Beyond Dance

Beyond Dance Dress Code

Creative movement and Ballet 

Creative movement and Ballet students are required to wear the appropriate colored camisole leotard with pink ballet tights and pink ballet slippers. Ballet slippers must fit properly and elastics must be seen on. No skirts please! Hair must be pulled back into a secure, neat bun. 


Color Camisole

Creative Movement

Light Blue Leotard


Pink Leotard

Child Ballet 1

White Leotard

Child Ballet 2

Lavender Leotard

Child Ballet 3

Navy Leotard

Pre-teen Ballet

Burgundy Leotard

Teen Ballet

Black Leotard

Adult Ballet

Black Leotard 

Male Students

Males students are required to wear a fitted white tank t-shirt or leotard, black tights or leggings with a dance belt. White socks and ballet slippers must be worn for ballet.

Jazz, Contemporary, Ethnic Fusion, and Tap

Jazz, Contemporary, Ethnic Fusion, and Tap students may wear any style leotard with black or tan tights. Unitards are permitted; t-shirts, shorts and baggy pants are not proper attire.

Hip Hop 

Hip Hop students must wear black dance pants and a beyondDANCE t-shirt. Separate footwear is required for these classes.